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Hangul Select Screen

This is the starting screen where you can select to learn the Korean alphabet or browse the jamo. You can also go to the How To guide, and About screen from here.
Hangul Drill Screen

The main practice screen you will see BEFORE revealing the answer.

Answer the jamo's pronunciation to yourself, and then touch "Show Answer"

(You can also touch the hidden definition area to reveal the answer if you prefer.)
Hangul Drill Screen

The main practice screen you will see AFTER revealing the answer.

You choose Right or Wrong to indicate if you answered the jamo's pronunciation correctly. You have to be honest if the program is to work.

If you're not sure, pick Wrong, you'll get it right next time!

Hangul Browse Screen

The Browse Mode screen. Here you get to preview and study all the jamo in the alphabet.

You can use this like an electronic reference on the go. If you go past the end, the program wraps back to the beginning, and vice versa.

Hangul HowTo Screen

The "How To" Guide screen. It has a scrolling description of all the things you need to know to use the program.

(You probably won't need to read this HowTo, but it can't hurt :)